130 year-old joist from Manhattan warehouse - still structurally sound and fire resistant
Softwood timber for CLT sourced in North America, courtesy of Nordic Structures
Nordic Structures, Six story condominium in the heart of Quebec City
Using sustainably sourced, long-lasting tropical hardwood in NYC for human scale and warmth
Jaguar habitat protected by community managed forest, Guatemala; courtesy WCS
"475 West" High rise in Manhattan; SHoP Architects, Arup Engineers and Spiritos Properties
Fort McMurray Airport; courtesy of Structurlam
Araucaria pines in Andean forest, El Bolson, Argentina
Butler Square Building, Minneapolis warehouse district, built 1909, refurbished 1974
Mass timber CLT construction, courtesy of Nordic Structures
Bet Ha’am Synagogue in South Portland, Maine; Shim-Sutcliffe Architects
Terreform 1 - Plug-in urban ecology farm pod, courtesy of Mitchell Joachim
130 year old heavy timber cantilever in East River adaptive re-use project - ready for another 100 years
NYC's million trees initiative creates small forest pockets
Brooklyn Bridge caison, southern yellow pine, circa 1870; Still under the stone towers today!
Processing tropical timber in a community-run sawmill, Peten, Guatemala
Brooklyn Bridge wooden Promenade boardwalk
WoodWorks 2015 Design Award: SAC Federal Credit Union Headquarters, Leo A Daly Architects
Alaskan cedar water towers on NYC skyline
Nepali forester Deepika Pandy surveys a community-run pit sawmill at 10,000 feet
Giant South American tree ferns in a community-run protected forest
Community forest conservation provides livelihoods and common goals, Central America
Surveying trees in New York City's natural areas; NAC

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